I recently got invited to perform at local DIY space in Santa Fe called Ghost. It’s a great little place, so of course I accepted. I thought about it a while and figured out what I wanted to do and contacted the person who booked me and asked, “Can I do something pretty weird?” to […]


What happens when local Santa Fe writer Alex DeVore agrees to write a column about some lame reggae band and then they blow him off? Apparently he calls me up and writes a column about me. So thanks, lame reggae band, for not quite understanding the benefits of press. In addition to being the music […]


In celebration of their fifth anniversary, Axle Contemporary presented a collaborative exhibition entitled Axle Indoors at Peters Projects. All of the artists who had previously exhibited at Axle were invited to participate and over 150 artists replied favorably to the invitation. Finding Things Past is a piece Mara Leader, Jocelyne Danchick and I created for […]


Evaluation: Banal to Transcendent was a multimedia performance that explored ideas of surveillance and premiered at the Currents International New Media Festival on 01.13.2014. The piece was commissioned to be presented in the Axle Contemporary van for the festival. Multiple elements of experimental video and sound came from the interior and exterior of the van. […]


Breezy Night is an installation highlighting the simplicity and visual beauty of light, motion and sound which premiered in an outdoor installation on the opening night of the Currents International New Media Festival on 07.13.2014. The experimental video imagery is footage filmed of a holographic light installation by August Muth. The editing illuminates the ethereal […]


On 01.14.2013 – the first night of the yearly Currents International New Media Festival in Santa Fe – Mara Leader, Tim Hackett and I were across the street doing an interactive projection on the exterior of kickass local youth center Warehouse 21. The interface consisted of 1 Launchpad grid controller and 2 iPads, all of […]


Illumine was a loose collaboration of artists representing dance, sculpture, photography, moving imagery, and music. It was presented as a multi-media show with many acts, each consisting of a small group of artists working together on a piece. It was presented on 06.24.2011 and 06.25.2011 and I was fortunate enough to work on two pieces. […]


I’m excited to say I’ll be giving a demo on controlling video with Ableton Live at the next Media Hive on 01.20.2012. Media Hive is a workshop / performance event that happens at Santa Fe Complex in Santa Fe, NM, USA on the third Saturday of every month. It’s something that I helped start up […]