I had planned to stay home on friday night to rework my way-too-soon upcoming audio production class but when I was in the grocery store hunting and gathering it occurred to me that if I sat around instead and drank white russians and played with the circuit board of my Mr. T keychain it would […]


This piece dates all the way back to 1997. I wanted to do something made up entirely of the things people say in between the things they mean to say and my then-roommate Matt Koegler had the brilliant idea to record C-SPAN and use it for the source material. (Incidentally, this is the same Matt […]


Manipulated recording of field recordings. All of the content came from a field recording class trip to Lamy, NM. I took some of the students off on an illicit little side excursion to beat up large pieces of metal. The other side of the tracks always has the best sounding stuff. lamy by PRETTYLITTLEPAW