Don’t you just love working with people? I do. In past years, I’ve collaborated with musicians, filmmakers, video artists, and dancers. I’ve formed and worked with the collective PARALLEL FLUX to create and present RETRIEVING HUMANITY, a one-of-a-kind audio/video real-time streaming media installation. I’ve worked with Orlando Leibovitz and other artists to jointly curate and present events at SANTA FE COMPLEX. I’ve worked on events with and presented workshops for the software company Ableton. And I’ve helped produce shows with many talented students.

Some of the collaborations I’m proudest of have been with the video artist Mara Leader and the choreographer Jocelyne Danchick.

If you have an idea of something you’d like to work with me on, or you’d like to use some of my work in a project of yours, or if you just want to chat about an idea you can get in touch with me through the COMMUNICATE form.

Here are some examples of work I’ve done with other people: