evaluationEvaluation: Banal to Transcendent was a multimedia performance that explored ideas of surveillance and premiered at the Currents International New Media Festival on 01.13.2014. The piece was commissioned to be presented in the Axle Contemporary van for the festival. Multiple elements of experimental video and sound came from the interior and exterior of the van. Dancers performed and interacted with audience members, repeating rhythmic pedestrian movements and sequentially modulating time. The spontaneous interactions inside the van were picked up by a webcam, which was then projected on the outside, luring the audience in. Audience members were required to give a thumbprint in order the to receive the #ID needed to enter the van and after experiencing the happenings inside the van, they were then asked to complete a questionnaire upon exiting.

The piece was created by myself, Mara Leader, and choreographer Jocelyne Danchick and was performed by us along with many wonderful dance and theatrical performers. We got a nice writeup on Hyperallergic by someone who apparently thought talking to us so that they would get the names of the piece, performers, and presenters correct wasn’t nearly as important as posting it immediately.